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There is an ever increasing variety of swimming pool products available. Some are must-haves and others will make your pool and spa even more stunning and easy to look after. NBWS can supply most products to meet your needs, from basic items like pumps and skimmer baskets to the world’s finest ranges of high quality filter systems.
Pool Pumps

Pool pumps act like the human heart. Various pumps are designed for differing uses – circulating water for filtering and, or heating. They constantly circulate water in the swimming pool, in order to keep it fresh, healthy, and chemically correct. These small motors simply keep water in motion, which may seem like a silly job, but it’s vital for proper upkeep. Circulating the water maintains chemical continuity and prevents it from becoming stagnant.

Pumps for Inground Pools

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Reliable, durable pumps for inground pools:
Our circulation/filtration pumps for inground pools are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of precision and quality for safe, dependable, and long-lasting operation. And, with new technology incorporated, many are whisper quiet.

Eco Select Brand Choices

IntelliFlo® and IntelliPro® variable speed pumps can typically cut energy costs by up to 90% over traditional pumps, saving your customers hundreds of dollars each year…and thousands over the entire life of the pump. Savings are so incredible, many utility companies are offering rebates to you and your customers for installing a variable speed pump.

Get a $100 rebate from PG&E for upgrading your pool filtration pump

Swimming pools can account for up to 20 percent of the energy a residence consumes. Single and multifamily residential customers who replace older, inefficient pool pumps with qualifying energy-efficient products can achieve significant savings on operating costs and are eligible for a $100 rebate from PG&E. Upgrading to variable-speed pumps that can be adjusted to the most appropriate speed can save you money and energy and help to protect the environment. Search for qualifying products:

Rebates for residential single family customers. To apply for rebates, follow these steps:
Review requirements in the pool filtration pumps catalog (PDF, 322 KB).
PG & E pump rebates extended through 2013.
Complete and mail in the residential application (PDF, 168 KB). A signed paper application is required. We are not currently accepting online applications through eRebates for this program.



126_polaris360cleanerPOLARIS 360: This unit uses a very modern efficient design that works without a booster pump. It’s a very popular replacement for the Ray Vac cleaner or other similar type pressure cleaner.





150_polaris280POLARIS 280: This unit features a large easy to clean bag and is driven by a booster pump. Any brand cleaner booster pump will work, but if you don’t already have one you should purchase the 280 with booster pump package.
The 280 comes with a 5 year frame warranty and 1 year limited warranty on the rest of the parts.



150_polaris-360-380-black-pool-cleaner-lrgPOLARIS 380: Powered by triple jets and a separate booster pump, the Polaris 380 is one of the most powerful, durable cleaners and is suitable for all in-ground swimming pools.  Easily connecting to a dedicated pressure line, the 380 sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the bottom, walls, and steps of the pool trapping debris in its own filter bag. The unique filter bag removes debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter, prolonging the life of your filtration system. Will even vacuum up large debris such as leaves, pebbles and acorns. Available in a Black Max Model to complement dark bottom swimming pools. Comes with32 feet of hose. The Polaris 380 is covered by a 1 Year Limited warranty from the manufacturer.


142_polaris_390The 360 Polaris: The new and improve Polaris 3900 Sport delivers unmatched vacuum power, incomparable convenience, and legendary performance.  It integrates the time-proven Polaris Classic series features you love with innovative new enhancement for added durability, and performance.

  • All-wheel PosiDrive system with durable stainless steel drive chain delivers 50% more torque for maximum speed, climbing, maneuverability, and performance.
  • Now includes TailSweep Pro, providing ultimate sweeping action, while eliminating water from spraying outside the pool. No more wet windows or sidewalks.
  • Most vacuum power of 3-jet Polaris cleaner, with 40 GPM of additional pool filtration through the filter bag.
  • Includes 5 liter dual pocket back, and requires booster pump.

132_legend_grey_smallKreepy Krauly® Legend®: Pressure-side Inground Pool Cleaner

The Kreepy Krauly® Legend® pressure-side cleaner features a highly efficient booster pump (sold separately) for optimum power and unimpeded surface skimming, plus a large intake throat to handle large and small debris.


  • Front-wheel drive for maximum traction on inclined surfaces for total pool coverage
  • Four wheel design prevents tipping (common with 3 wheel cleaners) for uninterrupted and unattended performance
  • Large intake throat and high-capacity bag handle large debris with ease
  • Heavy-duty, large-capacity twist lock collection bag for long periods between cleanings and ease of maintenance
  • Available in Grey/White or all Grey
  • Cleans most pools in just 1-3 hours

131_legend_II_smallKreepy Krauly® Legend® II: Pressure-side Inground Pool Cleaner

Legend ® II provides pressure-side power without the added energy consumption of a booster pump. That means fast, through cleaning and a lower cost to operate. Dual-jetted design powers water through unit to create powerful vacuum action.



  • Superior cleaning power without a booster pump
  • Front-wheel drive design assures maximum traction on inclined surfaces for total pool coverage
  • Four wheel design prevents tipping (common with 3 wheel cleaners) for uninterrupted and unattended performance
  • Dual thrust jets for maximum power, speed and performance
  • Automatic back-up feature prevents hang-ups by steps and in corners to assure uninterrupted and unattended performance
  • Heavy-duty, large-capacity twist lock collection bag for long periods between cleanings and ease of maintenance
  • Disposable Debris Bags now available
  • Available in Grey/White or all Grey

120_legend_platinum_smallKreepy Krauly® Platinum™: Pressure-side Inground Pool Cleaner

Kreepy Krauly® Platinum™ is simply the most powerful pressure-side cleaner available. It’s the ideal choice for inground pools exposed to higher loads of leaves and debris.
A leading choice for pools with yards with lush landscaping and tougher cleaning challenges.




  • Dual thrust jets provide maximum power for speed and suction so most pools are cleaned in just 1-3 hours
  • Front-wheel drive and heavily treaded tires provide maximum traction on inclined surfaces to assure total pool wall and floor coverage
  • Four wheel design prevents tipping (common with 3 wheel cleaners) for uninterrupted and unattended performance
  • Large-capacity debris channel and huge intake throat easily pick up larger leaves and debris
  • Suitable for concrete, vinyl-lined and fiberglass pools
  • Disposable debris bag for use with pressure-side inground cleaner is available.



No matter what you’re seeking in your swimming pool heater, the MasterTemp heater measures up.

Compare this list of features to any other and you’ll see why MasterTemp heaters are setting a new standard for total value.

  • Very compact design for such a high performance heater, allows for smaller overall equipment pads that won’t intrude on your poolscape.
  • A fully pre-mixed system with a highly efficient air and gas mixture lets the MasterTemp heater heat up fast. No long waits before enjoying your pool or spa.
  • Compare energy efficiency ratings and you’ll find MasterTemp heaters at the top of the list. Comfort and economy can go together.
  • With a hot surface ignition (no pilot light) and pushbutton, digital controls, the MasterTemp heater is as easy to operate as your home heating system. Plus, user-friendly indicator lights make system operation and monitoring a snap.
  • The easy-to-view, rotating digital display places controls front and center, no matter how the MasterTemp heater is positioned on your equipment pad.

StarGuard® Main Drain: 

174_StarGuardNew StarGuard® Main Drains comply with provisions of the ANSI/ASME A112.19.8-2007 standard and the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. High quality StarGuard® Main Drains are available in white, black, gray, and dark gray as well as a variety of configurations to fit any residential inground pool or spa installation. Review the specifications to find the right StarGuard model for your application. StarGuard® Main Drains have an industry leading 15.35 square inches of open area for water flow. If you are in an area where water velocity through the grate is limited to 1.5 feet/second, the StarGuard covers allow flow rates up to 72 GPM.


  • New, Improved 8″ Round Main Drain
  • Now Available in Multiple Colors
  • Compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act
  • NSF 50 Certification. Approved for use in commercial installations


Pool, Spa, Deck and Tile Brushes:



Curved Brushes

  • UV stabilized polypropylene or nylon bristles
  • Snap-adapt handle fits most poles
  • Aluminum Back Brushes with strong die cast aluminum back
  • Molded Brushes with heavy-duty one piece molded construction
  • Model 907 has a 50/50 blend of stainless and nylon bristles. Recommended for new pool start-up brushing or mild algae cleaning.

Stainless Steel Algae Brushes

  • All algae brushes feature quality stainless steel bristles
  • Perfect for removing tough algae on plaster surfaces
  • Snap-adapt handle fits most poles


  • 650 Scrubber has a molded hand grip and includes 3 interchangeable pads
  • 651 Universal Scrubber features an ABS back with a swivel joint handle and a light duty replaceable pad


Hand Skimmers and Leaf Rakes

pentair_water_logo.352183906_std   182_KK697_LeafRakes_small


  • Snap-adapt handles allow for use with most poles
  • Hand Skimmers
  • Heavy-duty reversible nets stand up to tough wear
  • 122 Leaf Rake
  • Designed to easily remove leaves and debris. Screen and frame completely covered with squeegee for scraping fine, loose debris on pool bottom
  • 123 Econo Leaf Rake
  • ABS molded frame with aluminum reinforcement
  • 117 Pro Leaf Rake
  • Replaceable snap-on frame and net fits on 3/8 in. solid anodized aluminum rod
  • ono Leaf Rake
  • ABS molded frame with aluminum reinforcement.





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