If you can’t find the time, energy, or interest to get to the gym, but enjoy spending time in the pool, this collection of swimming workouts to lose weight by POPSUGAR Fitness will help you not only burn calories, but also tone your abs and core so you can get […]

How to: Pool Towel, Toy, Suit Rack

Out and about cleaning pools always brings us amazing surprises on what our customers will do to make their pools and the outdoors more enjoyable. I cam across this awesome idea while looking for inspiring ideas to post on our blog and thought why not share it with you so […]

15 Summer Cocktail Recipes In One Handy Infographic

Is there anything more amazing than sitting on a beach sipping a cool, crisp cocktail? We don’t think so. But just because you’re not necessarily beach-bound this summer doesn’t mean you can’t sip on a boozy beverage from the comfort of your own backyard pool But before you settle for […]

How to Keep Worms Out of The Pool

There is nothing quite as gross as jumping into a pool only to feel the slimy body of a dead worm glide across your back.  Keeping worms out of your pool can be a difficult task, but with a little bit of work you can minimize and sometimes eliminate them […]

A Few Super-Fun Products You Definitely Need This Pool Season

Amazing In Water BBQ – Let’s do this.     Rest Relax with this Pool Pillow   Jousting in The Pool Audio Unlimited 900MHz Wireless Floating Pool Speaker   Giant Donut Pool Float   Silicone Wine Glasses   These products and more can all be found on Amazon and will […]

Back in the pool with a swim interval workout

Swimming is an awesome way to stay fit and healthy. There is a low stress on your bones, which makes it better than running, the water resistance is enough to give your body a full work out and evenly distribute the work. This all adds up to the end result […]


Enchanting Natural Swimming Pools Shape An Idyllic Retreat Right At Home!

The swimming pool is indeed the most popular addition to any backyard, But nothing quite matches the timeless charm and amazing serenity of a natural swimming pool that is surrounded by the goodness of nature! Natural pools bring along with them a host of advantages and transform your backyard landscape […]

25+ Fabulous Small Backyard Designs with Swimming Pool

Indeed swimming is one of the best way to keep the body’s shape and health. You like swimming insanely, but the long distance to the public pools or the crowded situation in the public pools always make you crazy and loose the passion. But why not build a swimming pool in […]

Tiny Pools for Tiny Houses…

I am sure by now you have seen all the Tiny House shows on HGTV and DIY etc. It seems we are a nation with the “Out with the big and in with the Tiny” philosophy. While I do not see myself living in a tiny house anytime soon. This […]