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8 Halloween pool party ideas

Halloween is just around the corner! Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, consider having a Halloween pool party! Here are some fun and crafty ideas for your Halloween Pool Party: Decoration Ideas: Pumpkins.  Real pumpkins will float in the water or use plastic jack-o-lanterns.  If your pool is empty, […]

The New Safety Turtle 2.0

I can across this article on the new Safety Turtle 2.0. While we do not sell them her at our company I thought it was very important to share with our customers and and friends how important a device like this can be.  I hope you enjoy. Since its introduction […]

safety turtle one

Movie night

Cool pools you can dip your toes in… 3

It never seizes to amaze me the styles and many designs we see out and about in our weekly pool service. I thought I would take a moment and share some really cool pools I love and think offer inspiring idea’s for your next dream pool build…   1. Cool […]

The Ultimate Pool Lounge

There are hundreds if not thousands of floating pool lounge chairs, mats, tubes, and event tents. Yup, camp in the pool with floating tents. That’s another story all together.  Today we look at the Ultimate Pool Lounge.   Ultimate Floating Fabric Lounge This super floater is AWESOME! The “Ultimate” in comfort […]

The Hydro-Massage Pool Float. This floating pool lounger attaches to your pools filtration system to provide a soothing, spa-quality back massage without the need for a battery or AC power source. The 12' hose connects to the pools return line allowing the lounger to float freely around the pool, and it sends aerated water to six powerful and adjustable jets to massage the upper back, mid-section, and lower lumbar regions. The floating lounger is fully customizable to provide a comfortable, relaxed position, and it is made of durable, highly puncture-resistant polyethylene that withstands chlorine, sun, and oils for years of use. Includes adapters and swivels to fit common return line connections. 16" H x 32 " W x 64" L. (34 lbs.)