27 Struggles Only A Swimmer Can Understand

1. Being confused with divers. sexybritishmen.tumblr.com 2. That no one cares about the sport until the Olympics. Clive Rose / Getty Images 3. That no one takes the sport seriously. shredtage.tumblr.com 4. Wanting everyone to know they can do this. ohcrapididspeed.tumblr.com 5. How bad they are at land sports. Ian […]

19 Confused Puppies Learning About Water

1. “Ummm…why do my paws feel like this??” mypugobsession.tumblr.com 2. “I don’t really know what I’m doing but IT FEELS A LOT LIKE HAVING FUN.” Instagram: @cooperthecavoodle 3. “It looks like you’re havin’ a good time but I don’t think my wrinkles are ready for the puppy pool yet.” imgur.com […]

30 Most Spectacular SLH Pools

30 Most Spectacular SLH Pools Escape the winter blues with this sun-kissed selection of SLH swimming pools that will set your mind into the travel mode. Some are stunning architectural jewels, other offer sensational views, yet others meander through luxuriant gardens like a wild tropical river. After some detailed research […]