8 Halloween pool party ideas

Halloween is just around the corner! Whether you have an indoor or outdoor pool, consider having a Halloween pool party! Here are some fun and crafty ideas for your Halloween Pool Party:

Decoration Ideas:

  • Pumpkins.  Real pumpkins will float in the water or use plastic jack-o-lanterns.  If your pool is empty, you can line the perimeter of the pool with pumpkins for a decorative barrier.
  • Dry Ice.  If you use dry ice in or around the pool, do not allow people to swim in the water because you will not be able to see them — also, dry ice burns skin.  Be sure to put the dry ice in a container before floating it in the water to avoid stains.
  • Glowing Hands. Get some cheap thin surgical gloves, place glow sticks inside, blow up the glove and tie it off. Then float them in the pool, turning your pool into a spooky graveyard!
  • Plastic Skeletons. Float them in the water or float them on a raft or in an inner-tube.  Place them around the pool as well — sitting in chairs or in a lounge chair.
  • Plexiglass Pool Cover. For those with a backyard pool and a desire to impress all guests at their Halloween party, consider hiring a company to install a plexiglass cover over your pool to expand your backyard.  Turning on the pool lights under the clear cover creates underground lighting. Turn the glowing clear floor into a dance floor, band playing area or costume catwalk.


Halloween Pool Party Games:

  • Dive for your pumpkins.  Place real pumpkins in the pool (they will float).  Have children dive in and swim to their pumpkin.  Whichever pumpkin they choose, they get to carve. Then place a candle in the pumpkin and float the carved pumpkin in the pool again.
  • Halloween Egg Hunt. Fill Halloween colored eggs with hard candy, coins or other small appropriate toys. Throw eggs in the water and let the children dive for and collect the eggs.
  • Swim- or Water-Theme Costume Contest.  All costumes must have some connection to swimming or water, for example: Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Nemo, Lifeguard, synchronized swimmer, water-polo player, kayaker, Little Mermaid, surfer-dude or surfer-girl, etc.

Be creative!  There are many inflatable Halloween decorations and toys available to make your Halloween pool party what you want.  Whether you live in warmer climates or cooler climates, whether your pool is open or closed for the season, you can still use your pool and/or pool area for a Halloween party!

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