Backyard Ponds And Water Garden Ideas

Water is the only element in nature that can take different structures: liquid, solid, gaseous and thanks to its adaptability, it is customary in our life. There is no being on this earth can live without water, a reason for which this magnificent element is so present in our life. Beside this vital role, water is also a decoration element especially in every garden, especially if there are fountains or backyard ponds.

In your little garden you can create a calm ocean or an angry one and all this is possible with some inspiration from these water garden ideas. This should be your place of thinking and recovery, a place where you can blend with nature and feel so pure like a flower or butterfly. Flowers, trees, stones and little rivers or mini ponds, all together complete your garden design.

Water gardens designs should be so pure as little parts from heaven and seem like an extension of the house, not as something totally different without anything in common. As feng shui teaches us, an element so volatile as water should always stay in combination with a strong piece like stone to maintain the balance in nature.

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