How to: Pool Towel, Toy, Suit Rack

Out and about cleaning pools always brings us amazing surprises on what our customers will do to make their pools and the outdoors more enjoyable. I cam across this awesome idea while looking for inspiring ideas to post on our blog and thought why not share it with you so you can make your own.

It’s a Towel, Toy, Suit, Rack, Bucket Holder you name it this thing could be created to hold just about anything except your beer.  Enjoy!


We can not be more excited to have our pool this year!  It has been un-seasonaly hot this spring, so it has well used… but that also means I have a litter of towel, toys, and swim trunks laying about my backyard.  I like to have a place for everything so it was never a question that I would create that place.

poolrack-2 poolrack-3


The great part is that we were able to use our left over wood decking to create the two racks!  I love repurposing items I already have on hand!  The placement was easy to figure out… I wanted a place to hang the towels and suits just outside of the pool gate but also outside of the house slider.  But I also needed something inside for clean towels and pool toys.  To create the support the hubs sunk pressure treated 4x4s in some concrete and let them set.

poolrack-5 poolrack-6 poolrack-7 poolrack-8 poolrack-9

Once we decided the space between the 6″ planks {1″} the hubs cut to size, mitering the corners for a super clean finish.  I wanted a shelf for the top so he trimmed it out allowing me to set the basket of sunscreen and bug spray up there.


This is how it typically looks… well used!



I found these rubber tubs at Big Lots and they are totally doing their job, but I am thinking some galvanized steel tubs would be better.  I also love that I can stack the pool noodles, and cabo shelf lounge chairs behind the rack to keep everything in it’s place!
We’ll there it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did sharing it with you. Keep your eye out for cool pool ideas and please feel free to share them with us.

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