6 Fun Ways To Reuse The Pool Noodle

Spring is upon us. We are starting to uncover our pools, sweep the patios, pull out the cushions, clean the BBQ and start spending more time in the backyard. As we visit hundreds of backyards and pools each week, we are always surprised to find all the different ways people use their pool and accessories during the off season. Over the winter months we cam across a handful of useful ways to play with the Pool Noodle.

Here are our Top 6 Fun Ways To Reuse The Pool Noodle.

#1 Bounce Bowl of Foam

noodle ideas 4

Cut up the pool noodles into 4 inch pieces. Fill a small plastic swimming pool and Bam! you have an instant bouncy foam play center for the kids.


2. Hoops in the bedroom

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Here is a great way to have fun indoors with the kids and compete at the same time. Just cut the noodles into three different sizes. create a circle with each and duct tape them together at the ends. Hang them on a wall in the bedroom, family room, garage or wherever you wish. Make scoring points the idea. 1 point for the big ring, 2 points for the medium size ring and 3 points for getting the ball into the small ring.


3. Twist on Croquet

noodle ideas 2


Here is a new twist on the old croquet game. Here we use noodles as the rings in which you have to get the ball through. You set the game up much like you would a croquet game. Use a soccer ball and be creative with the obstacles.


4. Pom Pom Shooter

noodle ideas 1

We love this idea.  You make a bunch of these with just one noodle. It shoots the little pom pom puff balls. All you need is a large rubber band, a noodle, and some pom poms. Makes a great Birthday party toy.


5. Knock’em over…

noodle ideas 6

Here’s another great family fun idea fr the kids and you to enjoy. You could even make this a part of a couple of other games and make the whole course a challenge. This is simple to create. Cut up noodles into three to four inch pieces, stack them accordingly, and use a small soft ball to throw and knock’em over.


6. Floating Cooler

noodle ideas 5

By far our favorite idea. Why wouldn’t you do this?  Simply cut the noodle into four equal sizes and use a rope to tie them around a plastic container. You could also use a round container.  This idea works well for you river rafters as well.


If you have a creative use with your noodle, let us know in our comments section below. Happy noodling!




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